The United Nations Food System pre-summit takes its second day in Italy, Rome .

In the second
day of the pre-summit, H.E. Mr. Oumer Hussein presented the
experience of Ethiopia in catalysing country led innovation to transform
the Food System. His Excellency underscores the importance of innovation to accelerate agri-food
systems transformation and combat hunger and malnutrition. 

His Excellency
elaborated the game changing solutions that enables to fix the
Ethiopia’s food system struggling with low levels of yield and
productivity with priorities given to the adoption of agricultural
inputs such as improved seed varieties, enhanced livestock breeds,
fertilizer, agro-chemicals and others. 

The Minister
also added that the transition to mechanized agriculture has significant
potential to improve labour productivity, increase agricultural yields and
reduce food loss due to inadequate storage facilities. 

 Finally, he called for strengthening
Partnership to advance innovation in way that it supports small holder farmers.


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