The Ethiopian delegations led by Minister of Agriculture H.E. Oumer Hussein are partaking in the UN Food system pre-summit kicked off on 26 July 2021 in Rome

three-day UN Food System pre-summit is taking place from 26 to 28 July 2021 in
Italy, Rome is hosted by United Nations Organization to accelerate
implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Pre-Summit event
brings together multi-stakeholders from youth, smallholder farmers,
researchers, private sector, policy leaders and ministers of agriculture,
environment, health, and finance among others to deliver the latest
evidence-based and scientific approach from around the world.

the pre-summit, the UN Secretary General H.E Antonio Guterres underscores the
importance of accelerated action so that the world recovers better from
COVID-19, combats rising hunger and addresses the climate crisis. It is expected
to mobilize bold commitments to build sustainable food systems that work for
people, the planet, peace, prosperity and partnerships.

this regard, Ethiopia consisting of the Ministry of Agriculture, Health and
Researchers, national and international partners, private sector participated
in and produced Ethiopia’s food systems transformation pathway. In the past
months, multi-stakeholders’ consultation has been made with various sectors in
Ethiopia which enables the National convenors to develop a breakthrough blue
print that brings food system transformation in Ethiopia.

has developed Ethiopian Food System (EFS) transformation pathways around 5
‘Action-Tracks’ of the Food System which are access to safe and nutritious
food, consumption pattern, positive production, equitable livelihoods and
resilience. Ethiopia developed the food system transformation through a wide
range of stakeholder’s participation: one round table discussions, and 3
dialogues. And, on the 15th of July 2021, officially launched and adopted the
22 game changing solutions that resulted from three consecutive dialogues
designed to transform EFS.

the world is increasingly interconnected, the Ethiopian delegation presents major
challenges and opportunities in Ethiopia food system from production to
consumption that helps to alleviate poverty and end hunger.

The ongoing
UN Food System Pre-Summit is expected to be a milestone in the global voyage to
attain the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Convened by the United
Nations, the UN Food Systems Main Summit will take place in the upcoming
September 2021 in New-York and will look at the nexus issues of climate, social
issues, environment and nutrition, and the trade-offs in achieving the SDGs
through a food systems lens.

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The Ethiopian delegations led by Minister of Agriculture H.E. Oumer Hussein are partaking in the UN Food system pre-summit kicked off on 26 July 2021 in Rome Read More

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