Ethiopia is the birth place of Organic Coffee Arabica, with a reputation for producing some of the world’s finest coffees. It is the first in Africa and the 4th in the world in coffee production. Out of the 17 coffee types in the country Yirgachaffe, Sidamo and Harrar are the three famous trademarks of Ethiopia's finest coffees branded globally.

Ethiopia had participated at the TRIESTE ESPRESSO EXPO which was held on OCT 20-22/2016 at the Old Port of Trieste Exhibition Centre. It was represented by GSG ETHIOPIA PLC as exhibitor and represented by HORIZON PLANTATION PLC, NKG BERO ETHIOPIAN OFFICE as visitors.
GSG ETHIOPIA PLC in collaboration with the Ethiopian Embassy in Rome promoted not only Ethiopian coffee but also Ethiopian culture by demonstrating Ethiopian cultural coffee ceremony and various types of Ethiopian Green coffee samples.
The TRIESTE Coffee Show is one of the biggest biennial coffee Trade and marketing Shows attended by hundreds of Exhibitors and thousands of Visitors. In this international Expo, Ethiopian booths were colourful and eye catching which attracted most of the visitors’ attention of the show.
Ethiopia`s participation in this Trade show was very successful that created opportunities to Ethiopian companies to meet the leading Italian coffee buyers. The company which represented Ethiopia in the international show was prepared well and promoted Ethiopian coffee products and its culture to International buyers and consumers very well.
At the show site, a number of Italian companies involved showed interest in Ethiopian coffee which is much demanded and loved by international markets particularly by Italian market and some of them has already decided to buy on the spot and started negotiation with our Exporters about the price and contracts. There was hot business to business discussion between the interested Italian coffee companies and Ethiopian counterpart.

GSG ETHIOPIA PLC is the fore front company in promoting Ethiopian coffee in Italy and has still vigorous effort to promote Ethiopia and its products in participating in different world exhibitions. The company has a good reputation in its participation. The company has deep interest to install warehouse or stores in one of the towns of Italy to easily deliver Ethiopian various types of coffee products to Italian companies of which some of them are at present buying Ethiopian coffee from wholesalers, brokers or forwarding companies. Discussion and negotiation are undergoing for easy contract.
Italy is one of the leading export destinations for Ethiopia's coffee but still much is needed to work to find new market for the product as the demand of Ethiopian coffee particularly
Sidama and Yirgachaffe is increasing in Italian market.
The Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Rome, Italy through its Business diplomacy sector keeps its constant momentum with commitment and devotion to further promote various Ethiopian Coffee as well as other export products to find new market destinations in collaboration with interested Ethiopians companies.

Finally, our Embassy extends sincere appreciation to GSG ETHIOPIA PLC, HORIZON PLANTATION PLC and NKG BERTO ETHIOPIAN OFFICE for participating in the Italian big and famous Coffee Exhibition that promoted not only Ethiopian coffee but also Ethiopian culture at large

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